Product Description

You don’t need a miracle to create delicious and memorable meals at home, you simply need Hexa American BBQ & Steak Spices (4 in 1) which consist of lemon pepper, cajun, garlic salt and BBQ seasoning.
You can use them in a variety of exciting ways to add zing to your food. Use it as a marinade on meats (especially beef, veal, and chicken), tofu, seafood, poultry, and fish before grilling, broiling or roasting or baking.
The flavour and colour of rice, stews, soups, and cooked vegetables will be elevated with the use of these seasonings. Also, just a sprinkle of these spices on popcorn, chips, roasted nuts, pretzels will make them ‘pop’.

Our latest range of offerings, American BBQ & Steak Series provides you with all the seasonings for your BBQ, grilling and steak preparation; it's your sole-Mate! 

Suitable for garnishing baked potatoes and snacks.
100% Natural and original ingredients
Halal & HACCP Certified
Use to season and colour rice’s, stews, and soups.
Great for Seasoning Chips, Popcorn, and Chicken.
Adds a delicious zing to all meats.
Rub or sprinkle on meats (especially beef, veal, and Chicken), poultry, fish, or tofu before grilling, broiling, or baking.
Use to make marinades for meat, tofu, seafood, poultry, and fish.
Sprinkle on cooked vegetables.

Onion, Garlic, Cumin, Chili, Pepper, Salt & Sugar.

How To Use
•The application of HEXA BBQ seasoning is very vast.
•It can be a great seasoning for potato chips, popcorn, soft pretzels, and roasted nuts.
•It can go great with sprinkling on boneless skinless chicken before broiling.

Place of Origin

Shelf Life
1 year

Halal Certification

Storage suggestion
Keep in a clean, dry and cool place.